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Horus-I will be the only ADAS working on radar, video-based alerts, cloud-connect, analytics and HUD. Horus-I is the first product in ADAS from India. Horus-I will be the most affordable ADAS in the automotive world. Horus-I is an apt solution for any automotive OEM to build edge for their brand and safety of passengers. Horus-I will offer Collective and Individual Driver behavior analytics to Insurance and Automotive industry. Horus-I is unique in building and servicing an after-incident support ecosystem. Horus-I device and analytics helps Insurance companies reducing their risk and impending losses due to fake and recurring accident claims.


Horus is the only comprehensive ADAS solution to offer Camera, Radar and sensor based cloud connected CAS enabling360-degree view/ alert, Analytics and HUD.

Automotive Industry

Horus-I will be the only ADAS working on radar ,video based alerts, cloud connect, analytics and HUD. Horus-I is the first product.

Automotive Insurance

Ultrasonic Sensors Scanning short range RADAR (100 mts) Passive / Active Radio Beacons (AFF) DASH Display

Automotive Owner

Video/Image capture and Analytics Passive / Active Radio Beacons (AFF) Driver Behavior Economics Algorithms

Fleet Management Solution

Secure tamper proof Horus-I CLOUD Horus-I Helpline GIS data for critical info (Hospital, Restaurant, Fuel)

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At Horus, we strive to bring simplified safety solutions at affordable prices for all segments of Travel andTransport applications, Insurance Companies enabling UBI (User/ Usage based Insurance).

Collision Avoidance Sub system

Real time Forward & Rear Views / Awareness Driver ALERTS Visual / Aural/ Recommendations Video & Vehicle Driving

Community on the move

Share View (front and rear automobiles share their views) Auto Share Traffic Info / Congestions / Unplanned Public events

Built-in Road Safety education

Third Party GIS info Integration (toll road speeds, POIs etc) FLASH messages and Driving Tips Driving Behavior Statistics

Value Added Services

Trauma Assistance Cashless Accident care linked to Insurance Emergency Health Assist/Accident linked insurance

The Horus-I Experience

Attach Horus-I on your dashboard...and drive safer!