Automotive Insurance

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Automotive Insurance : -

  • Automotive Forward Collision Avoidance/ Warning
  • 4 second video of the incident / potential incident missed/ Date and time of incident as primary evidence of the accident with Geo tagging.
  • Driver response, time taken to respond
  • Driver behaviour Analytics – Good, Rash, Bad driver analytics to enable Insurance Companies offer tailored Policy premiums on risk analysis
  • Enables User based/ Usage Based Insurance Policy decisions
  • First Instance Report on accident to Insurance companies by SMS/ Video share of the incident
automative insurance
  • Check on fake claims by Vehicle owners and third party on the pretext of accident victims
  • Increase chances of reviving the accident victim with emergency services and avoid huge insurance claims
  • Cashless treatment of accident victims at Hospitals near to accident spot for immediate medical help
  • Survived Insured is a paying / continuing customer of Insurance Companies
  • Theft Protection for the vehicle with immobilization
  • Target: Better ROI for Insurance Companies with Technology edge