Fleet Management Solution

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Fleet Management Solution : -

We are not a Fleet Management Service provider, but we aid the Fleet Management Service Provider with our technology edge to offer better service

Horusi Can improve supply chain operational efficiency. Actively manages driver and vehicle safety
  • Camera / Radar based collision avoidance system
  • Aural alert system
  • GPS for geo tagging.
  • Incident recording of 4 seconds of collision / potential collision averted.
  • Driver Analytics, alertness, health conditions
  • Vital vehicle diagnostic inputs and maintenance alerts to Fleet Owners
fleet management solution
  • Optimization of travel speed / recommendations
  • Signboard identification and alerts
  • SOS to control room of Fleet Management Service Provider for suggestions/ decisions
  • Protection against false claims by third parties on pretext of victim of collisions
  • Breakdown/ Roadside assist service tieup
  • Theft alerts and immobilization of vehicle through net connectivity
  • Monitoring Fuel Efficiency, Carbon footprint and economics of fleet